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Microgreens, Speckled Pea
  • This tall microgreen has a refreshing taste, similar to sugar snap peas. Great for sandwiches, wraps, salads, smoothies, sauteing, or snacking.


    Lasts anywhere between a week and two weeks in the fridge. Packaged dry in plastic bags to ensure maximum lifespan - please keep refrigerated and dry for optimal longevity.


    This item is delivered to your door (see details below) so please be aware of that. We do not currently have a physical farm stand set up at our place (but we are working on that).

    Microgreens, Speckled Pea

    PriceFrom C$5.00
    Price Options
    One-time purchase
    4-Week Plan
    Buy four bags at once and save!
    C$5.00every week for 4 weeks
    • For our microgreens, we have a strict sow/harvest/delivery schedule to streamline our work and ensure we always have fresh product for our customers. As such, harvest day for microgreens is always Tuesdays, and delivery day is always Wednesdays (barring some exceptions around the holidays).

      We ask that you fill in some details about how you'd like to receive delivery, including:

      • Time of day preference
      • Specific location for drop-off (front porch, red cooler by the back door, or whatever)

      We want to make sure all of our deliveries are a success, and with just a smidge of coordination we can make it happen!

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